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Szlaban antyterrorystyczny Broughton Control’s 942 Barrier K12 PAS 68 ASTM

Szlaban antyterrorystyczny Broughton Control’s 942 Barrier K12 PAS 68 ASTM

Bariera antyterrorystyczna 942 Broughton Control to wytrzymała zapora -szlaban antyterrorystyczny wytrzymujący atak pojazdu ciężarowego o wadze 7,5 tony

The Broughton Control’s 942 Barrier is a heavy-duty vandal resistant dual beam vehicle barrier which has been Crash
Tested to PAS68:2010 V/[N2]7500/48/90:0.0/7.9 criteria and incorporates our new “BIT” vehicle restraint technology.

This technology gives a lightweight design allowing faster operation and greater durability than
traditional “Big and Heavy” systems.
The barrier incorporates a shallow foundation mounting system to allow simple, low cost, ease of installation.

Suitable for high volume traffic situations the Series 942 Barrier has been created to protect high risk sites where vehicle impact attack is a real threat.
While the 942 barrier is primarily intended for outdoor use, it can also be used indoors in buildings such as warehouses. Beam lengths are available from 3 metres to a maximum of 6 metres.


Crash Tested to PAS 68/2010
(7500/30mph) – Certified Deterrent,
PAS68:2010 V/[N2]7500/48/90:0.0/7.9
♦ Unique “BIT” Beam System – provides lightweight protection for faster operation
♦ Shallow foundation design – allows ease of installation
♦ Continuously rated – suitable for high traffic throughput
♦ Proven protection and reliability – suitable for high risk sites
♦ Beam lengths up to 6 metres – can match required specifications
♦ Installation flexibility – will fit majority of locations including replacement of existing non-impact barriers
♦ Choice of polyester powder coated colours to suit customer requirements

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